Our Aims

How we aim to help and support our pupils.

We will support our pupils by:

  • Looking after them during the school day
  • Understanding their difficulties and teaching them how to overcome challenges
  • Teaching what is needed, and helping them to achieve their potential
  • Giving praise and encouragement
  • Explaining clearly what is expected
  • Listening to them, even when staff are very busy
  • Preparing them for the future

We aim to help our pupils to:

  • Have fun and enjoy school
  • Learn things that will be useful upon leaving school
  • Be physically and mentally healthy
  • Feel safe, secure and important
  • Be understood by friends, staff and parents
  • Have time to be themselves and time to express their feelings
  • Behave properly
  • Be able to tell the truth
  • Have respect and care for others
  • Fit into society